Frequently Asked Questions

Property Verification 03/20

How to verify property online?

Scan the documents and upload on, experts in property legal issues will offer consultation through phone and send the report on mail or whatsapp or on the other available channel.

Who needs property verification?

Any one may be a purchaser /seller / any individual planning to purchase/ invest/ gift/ or so Property Title Documents Verification is must while taking property on lease for long periods or Purchasing a house with or without home loans. Even sellers ensure that property transfer execution is done in a clean and legal manner to avoid any legal consequences or disputes in the future, Individual property investors must exercise their right periodically.

Trusted Source for the Verification of Property Title Documents?

Of Course your legal advisor but also advise or check the documents from an independent lawyer( means other than the bank panel lawyer / family lawyer & in loan cases documents are verified by bank panel lawyers, specialized in property issues & legality title search report.

What is the Pro-property verification. ?

Collect the current deed of the property from seller and consult with professional Lawyer which Updates you on the document pandancy( means documents required to complete the Title/Property) & the Panel Lawyer/ Advocate will look into the same and will cross-verify the chain of the documents with the records available online and will visit the Registrar Office if required and generate the report which is called Pro-Property Verification.

Is it required to do property verification, In case where the seller is a Builder or Real Estate Agent ?

Double Yes (Property purchase from builders or Real Estate Agents are very risky because after a long time you find the trouble in their commitments & legal issues of compliances with competent authorities and so on..) Verification of documents is must to ensure peace of life..

How much time will it take for property verification?

It depends case to case ( means how long the chain of documents is) and also depends on the records available in Book no.3 and 4 .

At what point of time verification of property documents be verified?

Before entering into an Agreement to Sell or before paying the token money to seller,agreement, Once a purchaser shortlists its property/land, first step – hier or consult with the professional Advocate ( expert in sell and purchase property)..

What Is a RERA certified Builder ?

RERA Certificate Builder it’s like a Licence in Real Estate Regulatory Authorities, this licence only for limited time, Ask for the RERA registration copy and Check expiry date, project name and when the project name differ ask for the amended Licence/RERA Reg, Number, better is to consult with Advocate.

Is power of attorney needed while buying property in India?

Yes, Power of attorney and must be adjudicate is required provided purchaser is not able to visit India.

How do you get power of attorney for property?

Make your POA Draft and get it registered at Sub Registrar office.

For Plot Registry what types of advocates we need to choose?

Advocate having experience in property and know the compatibility of document with Bank Standards.

What are the types of power of attorney?

A General Power of attorney and Special power of attorney.

What are the disadvantages of power of attorney?

Power of attorney is a confidential document and Owner to Owner deal would be policed by the agent and where chances of fraud are more and always POA should be registered too.

How can I check my land record in Dehradun?

You can find it online website link

How can I check my online land registration?

You can find it online website link e-registration portal link

How can I get land registration ID in Uttarakhand?

Go to the link and search by party name and you will get every detail of your Land Registry.

How much does it cost to file a property case in India?

Cost for filing property cases varies case to case and advocate fee.

What is legal opinion about property?

Legal opinion in case of property purchase, advocate gone thru all the related document for adverse effect on title & suggest you go for it or not.

Can an advocate witness in sale deed?

Yes, and also depends upon the advocate.

Can anyone draft a sale deed?

Its not, better to draft from practising advocate, one should be updated with up coming directions from Registrar Office and property law.

How do I write a sale deed agreement?

We advocates called it Agreement to Sell, you can put all the terms and condition, Payment Detail, accurate Schedule with butted and bounded along with two witnesses on Rs.100/- Stamp duty but if situation is dicey recommended to draft by lawyer/ Advocate.

Who will pay for deed of sale?

Purchaser pays all the expenses on sale deed execution and registration along with Stamp Duty.